Our Capabilities

Since 1997, we have successfully married passion, innovation, and engineering excellence to break world records and develop leading technology, products, and equipment. 


The skills, expertise, and determination of the company have been in demand over a broad range of areas such as aerospace projects, medical devices, and undertaking key projects for America's Cup teams and elite sports-people.

Nothing is too hard, you are only limited by your imagination.

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Our Philosophy

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Creativity is the focus in every project we undertake. While engineering and design can be quite formulaic and scientific, our focus is on greater creativity. The results prove to be innovative and 'outside of the square'.


Seeing and searching for better ways to manufacture and apply technology is an integral part of any creative or innovative process, and an important part of the overall solution.


Our expertise in design, development, and manufacture of composite materials means our ultimate aim is to provide the 'solution' wherever it may lie.

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Our design process requires creativity, lateral thinking, and technical skill to achieve your project brief.


Our design solutions aim to completely fulfil your requirements. They can be delivered when needed and produced with the available resources.


When working in conjunction with other parties, we seek to use all expertise and creativity available. We find that through this practice, collaborative projects can add another dimension to our design process. Working in teams on collaborative projects is often a useful dynamic employed on projects with particular parameters and outcomes.

Our Design Process and Methodology:



Our Design Thinking:


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Specialist Manufacturing

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Prototypes, trial products, or the 'solution', are produced at our specialised manufacturing plant.


The processes employed in manufacturing are both broad in nature and expertise; some are proprietary and have been born through necessity to provide a solution where previously one didn’t exist.


We have the ability to process composite materials in virtually all commercially recognised methods. High levels of specialisation in certain areas make us a preferred manufacturer in more technically difficult or unique projects.


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If you wish to capitalise on our wealth of knowledge and experience, we offer an expert consulting service. 


Part of our consultation may include a focus on problem solving. This can include challenging or brainstorming around existing thinking and product designs. Our execution may be a complex review of operations, or as simple as a presentation challenging existing thinking.


We also offer expertise in composite manufacturing research and development. This can be utilised for any part of your project. 


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Working Together

Your requirements determine how we work together: Whether you need a full service from ideation through to implementation, or just one stage in between, we can help.

Solution, Formulation and Execution:

You might come to us with a problem that needs solving. That problem is taken and a solution is delivered through design, development and manufacture.


Alternatively, we can deliver a design for a solution that you can develop and manufacture yourself.


You may have an idea that is taken through design and then jointly developed into manufacture.

An example of this process has been in the highly specialised bike market.


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Our Team

Our team are highly skilled individuals with complementary talents who come from diverse backgrounds. It is this diversity that facilitates so much of the creativity and innovation involved in the work we do. Each member has joined the team with their own innovative skills and 'can do' attitude. Their varied backgrounds mean the experience they have gained in vastly different fields can be used to provide new solutions or points of view on your project. 


Our approach to new projects is to provide solutions and innovative thinking in much greater detail than if we were working as individuals. Our mix of experience at technical and commercial levels ensures a solution that is effective in terms of both engineering and business.


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