ZenCare Aquatic Wheelchair

The ZenCare Aquatic Wheelchair has been designed to make the aquatic experience comfortable and accessible for all. The chair is constructed using carbon fibre which achieves a lightweight, yet high strength structure. Sturdy plastic wheels with solid tyres ensure smooth, low maintenance operation. Marine grade stainless steel axles and fasteners are used throughout the chair for longevity in chlorinated and salt water swimming pools.


Zencare Aquatic Wheelchair P92100101

 Moulded tubular sides fill with water as the chair enters the water down a swimming pool access ramp. This keeps the chair stable when submerged while maintaining a lightweight structure for easy handling on land.


The design maximises the useable area of the seat to accommodate a wide range of users without the need for a wider footprint. The overall chair width is less than 700mm which ensures an easy fit through almost all doorways.





Maximum Seat Width


Seat width between frames


Overall height


Overall width


Overall length (footrest down)




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